About us

MAGNETIX is a renowned manufacturer of magnetic devices and systems for applications industrial, delivered to customers all over the place Europe. Magnetic separators are used for the separation and recovery of metals for purification raw material, securing machines against damage or metal recovery.
MAGNETIX magnetic metal separators are used in such industries as:
- metal recycling
- rubber and plastic recycling
- recycling of municipal waste
- recycling of electrical appliances and household appliances
- recycling motor vehicles - mining industry - production of aggregates and cement
- wood industry
- food industry
- manufacturers of mining and construction machinery

Quality i failure-free products is the main goal of our company, which we provide with a harmonious and experienced team of engineers with many years of experience in design and construction of magnetic separators.
MAGNETIX has a modern machine park for metalworking, welding machines and our own paint shop, thanks why we have control over all stages of production. Allows for quick deliveries and implementation of unusual projects.
The quality of our products is guaranteed is through an efficiently operating quality assurance system ISO 9001: 2008, certified by TϋV NORD.

Our offer includes such solutions as:
- magnetic metal separators (with a ferrite magnet or neodymium)
- Eddy current separators - intended for separation aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals
- filters and magnetic grates
- magnetic rollers
- magnetic drums
- magnetic plates
- electromagnetic separators
- magnetic grippers

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Belt magnetic separator

Eddy current separator

Magnetic drums and rolls

Magnetic plates and blocks

Magnetic filters

Magnetic sieves

Magnetic cone separator
(for pneumatic transport)

Belt electromagnetic separator


MAGNETIX Sp. z o.o.
 Cierpice, ul. Poznańska 9, 87-103 Toruń 5
 tel: +48 56 659 17 77
fax: +48 56 658 31 19
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